WebBridge FAQ

What is WebBridge?
WebBridge provides context sensitive links that allows you to find other related online resources.

For example WebBridge provides
  • links from your search in the catalogue to additional resources in databases and Internet resources such as Trove, Google and other eresource databases.
  • links from the catalogue item records to find the particular items in the additional resources.

How do I use WebBridge?
Perform a search in the State Library catalogue

Click on the Search Elsewhere button which is located on the right hand side of the screen.

Another window will open offering a list of additional resources and options that may provide further information on the search you conducted in the catalogue.

Select a link and the new resource will open in a new window using the same search criteria.

Why is there only a limited number of additional resources available via WebBridge?
WebBridge is a service intended to enhance our existing collections and so resources offered will change depending on what we have purchased and subscribed to at the time, as well as patron demand.

Who do I contact if I am having problems with WebBridge?
A State Library of Western Australia Staff member is available to assist you with difficulties searching the library catalogue and using WebBridge.